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Take it for a spin

Is it a blog if there is no words? Because I don't have any.

Which is a lie.

If you know me, you know this is the moment in which I just simply start talking.

How often do we say this exact phrase - "I have no words", and then immediately follow up with a flood of verbs, nouns and adjectives? How often do we say "I don't know what to say" only to say quite a bit. Sometimes quite a bit of none sense, though.

Look up. See the stars? At the darkest of nights, as far from city lights as possible, in ideal conditions, you can only see around 4500 of them. There are roughly 100 billion of stars in the Milky Way...

And the universe contains at least 2 trillion galaxies...

I have no words... I really don't.

Does that matter to you? Maybe not at all. But if it does, how does it make you feel? Is too much to comprehend? Can it ever really be described? And what for?

Take it for a spin. And don't remove airplanes after taking a shot. Or whatever those moving lights were that night when I decided to take it. For a spin.

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