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Just listen.

There is no question, only answers.

Listen to hear.

Listen to the darkness and listen to the sun. Listen to the colors and reflections, those on the surface of the water, too. Listen to the sky and to the earth. Listen to the stars and galaxies, and listen to hear.

Listen to what's now, and what's then. Listen to spaces between sounds, to the air that has no edge to cut corners. Listen to the mist of your breath, and to the shape of your heart. Listen to the road in front of you, and listen to hear.

There is no storm, and there is no way to weigh the pros and traffic cones. There isn't much of what you want, but there is all you need is love, even though you can't get no satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

There is no storm, only the sound of it. The storm has passed, and you didn't let it snap you. You let the wind and hail clean and harden your skin. And right after it was over, your roots grew deeper into the softened and watered soil.

Just listen.

There is no question, only answers. Can you hear?

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