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Just that. 

No matter how much they fight, no matter how often they don't share, no matter how many times they hurt each other, they still LOVE.

Kids forget a lot, yes. But they also forgive quickly and with no resentment. Their love tank is overflowing with blind and naive feelings toward their parents and friends.

Especially parents...

To be more like children - that's what we have to be. More like children we need to be naive. Just like children we must forgive.

It amazes me how pure and straight forward their LOVE can be, how crazy and joyous they can play, and how much awe can fit in those huge brown eyes.

Yes, they're mine. These boys and their eyes. They're mine, still mine, still full of forgiveness and hope, full of dreams and wonder, full of LOVE. Let's be more like that, no matter how cliché it may seem or sound, no matter what the world says, and no matter how far we've gone into that thing called "being an adult".

I say it's worth trying. 

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