Is it a blog if there is no words? Because I don't have any.

Which is a lie.

If you know me, you know this is the moment in which I just simply start talking.

How often do we say this exact phrase - "I have no words", and then immediately follow up with a flood of verbs,...

Just listen.

There is no question, only answers.

Listen to hear.

Listen to the darkness and listen to the sun. Listen to the colors and reflections, those on the surface of the water, too. Listen to the sky and to the earth. Listen to the stars and galaxies, and listen to...

Just that. 

No matter how much they fight, no matter how often they don't share, no matter how many times they hurt each other, they still LOVE.

Kids forget a lot, yes. But they also forgive quickly and with no resentment. Their love tank is overflowing with blind and na...

When teeth are gone, you smile like that. This is Natalia, and she is six, and upset with tooth fairy. The tooth fairy is late.

"Dad says tooth fairy must be very busy, because a lot of kids from my school are loosing teeth just about now too" - says Natalia.

Very busy i...

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